Why Choose Imago?

Experience Matters.

At Imago Studio, we’ve got over 15 years experience in creating and building brands.  Succinctly—we exist to improve your corporate image.

When it comes to business—your image matters.  At Imago we work hard to make you look good.  From your corporate branding, to the photos of your products, staff or facilities, to your website—it all matters.   The way you preset yourself reflects on the quality of your services and products.

Imago is from the latin word for “image”, and our goal is to create images and brands that will captivate and bring a smile to your face. Let us help you improve your business image.

Commercial Photography.   We want to help position your product or services in the best possible light—and professional photographs are one way to accomplish that end.  Our world is increasingly becoming a photographic one; and we are inundated with photos everywhere. To many the photograph is losing it’s impact, but we think there’s something more. A truly good photograph is one that not only captures the details, but also captures our hearts and emotions.   Can a great corporate photo move people?  We think so.

Corporate Photography.   As a corporate professional, you’ve got to put your best image forward.  We live in an increasingly social world, and the image you use to represent yourself, but online and offline matters.  Whether you require photographs for online marketing, company reports or marketing collateral—Imago Studio has the experience to show you at your very best.

Design.  Design is the foundation for any professional corporate presence. Whether your requirements entail a simple corporate presence, or a full overhaul of an existing site, Imago can deliver a web experience that is visually unmatched, navigationally clear, and appropriate for any target audience. Imago is a design studio specializing in high-end, cutting edge design–at a price that won’t break the bank.   Providing full corporate identity solutions including web site development, Graphic Design, Internet Consulting and Marketing.

Imago has been immersed in the Graphic and Web Design business since 1998–this experience has taught us how to create websites that will wow your customers and prospects.  We are trained to build sophisticated, fast-loading, and user-friendly websites that appeal specifically to your target audience, whichever it may be.

Printing.   We can handle any size printing project for your business—from small run business card orders, to customized banners, we can handle everything from concept to completion.  Having one studio design all your graphics ensures the consistency between all your printed and promotional materials that is vital in representing your business professionally. 

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