In January 2014, Fox Digital Media became Imago Studio.  Imago Studio continues the 15 year legacy of design and marketing excellence with a new focus and emphasis on creating memorable commercial photographs to enhance your marketing and advertising efforts.

The word Imago comes from the latin word for Image.  We’ve been in the image and branding business for over 15 years—and now our name will reflect that purpose.

Why Imago?

Experience matters—and at Imago, we’ve got over 15 years experience in creating and building brands, and images that captivate.  When it comes to your business—image matters.

At Imago we work hard to make you look good.  From your corporate branding, to the photos of your products, staff or facilities, to your website—it all matters.   The way you present yourself reflects on the quality of your services and products.

Imago is from the latin word for “image”, and our goal is to create images and brands that will captivate and bring a smile to your face. Let us help you improve your business image.

Our History

Over the years we’ve helped our clients with a range of projects, from designing and printing marketing pieces, to producing video advertisements and documentaries, to commercial portraiture and head shots.  As we enter into a new year as Imago Studio we’re continuing those services while refining our focus on creating powerful branding images for your business.

We’ve been in the image business  for over 15 years, and with our rebranding, we’re positioning ourselves for success over the next 15 years.  We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

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Brian Fox
Founder, Imago Studio.

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